From Port To Rail

Photo of the Day

Here is another photo from my 2008 trip to New York. As we took a ferry around the Statue of Liberty we saw some other cool sites. I loved the look of this older rail terminal, and I wanted to make a photo of it. This is yet another photo that I wish that I could redo, but I think that I will always have those. You never stop growing as a photographer so you have to embrace what you could do at a certain moment. I still like what this photo meant at the time.

Technical Data

I had a little fun with this photo. My entry level dSLR did not handle this situation very well back then. The building was a silhouette. With the tools available to me today I was able to finally make something out of it. I took the photo into Perfect Photo Suite 8 and Perfect Effects 8 to try out some of the presets. I put an tonal preset on it, and I liked it. I then went back into Lightroom 5 to try a couple of things. I first straightened the photo. Shooting on a boat proved to be too much for me back then. I also used the spot removal tool to get rid of the dust spots that were on my sensor at the time. From there I performed a few small tweaks to the photo using the sliders.

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