Good Morning San Francisco!

Photo of the Day

Last year was filled with many great moments. Many dreams fulfilled for sure. One of those dreams was to see the sun rise over the Golden Gate Bridge. I only had one shot at making a picture during the only morning that we were in San Francisco so I played it safe and went up high in case fog rolled in. I didn’t want to be low, and have no picture. What I saw up in the Marin Headleads amazed me. People were out everywhere making their own mark on this photo. I made this photo though after many had left. For some reason once the sun rises people leave. What they must not see or care about is the tremendous color that can still happen when the sun is low. The same holds true for a sunset. Most of the time the best color in the sky is after the sun has gone down. I like how everything seems to work here for a simple picture. This is not a gallery image, but it is a great reminder of a super morning.

Technical Data

For this photo I used one RAW file to take into Lightroom. Inside of that program I made a couple of adjustments to the sliders to bring out the colors and the detail in the scene. I also used the HDR look preset in the program to get started. From there you just have to adjust a few sliders to make the image appear as it did that morning. Your eye can see a much larger dynamic range of light than your camera can. That is where software comes into play. You can make up for that range with the tools that we now have.

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