By the Light of a Full Moon

Photo of the Day

Sometimes it is about more than the photo. If you could watch me on most shoots I have my headphones in with some dramatic score by Hans Zimmer or James Newton Howard playing in my ears. For some reason this really gets me into the scene, and allows for me to try some dramatic things once I get there. For this picture though I had my stepdaughter by my side. She was very excited to see the moon rise up from the ocean. With that in mind my headphones were packed in my bag, and I had a great time with my assistant. It is moments like that when you realize that the photography is truly second. I wanted to make a good image to remember the night with, but not at the cost of ruining the moment.

Technical Data

This was a scene that called for HDR, but I was set on not doing it. This might be one case where my stubbornness cost me. Just a darker exposure of the sky would have been great here. As it is the moon is a bit blown out, but you know what it is anyway. I thought that the ghosting of the waves caused by the long exposure would look great in black and white. This scene had colors coming from all over. On the scene you really couldn’t tell with the naked eye, but blues, oranges, and whites were coming from all over. Black and white is a good way to neutralize those colors. I took the photo into Silver Efex Pro and ran the Low Key 1 filter on it. I thought that it really brought out the finer points in the scene for me.  After that the shot was ready to post here. I don’t think that I make use of Silver Efex Pro as much as I should.


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