iPhone Friday: Instant Fun

iPhone Photo

Today for iPhone Friday I thought that I would try something new. A couple of weeks ago I used Instagram for the first time. I am very late to this party for sure. I finally got an account over the winter, but the weird terms of service change chased me away. Once Facebook bought the service you know that they had to try and monetize it. They paid way too much to just let it be. I am still waiting for another attempt to get their money back from it. I thought that I would try it out for the sake of this blog though. In the process of checking it out I found Brad Mangin on it. Brad is a pro sports photographer that you don’t hear much good about. Apparently he is very unkind to the others in the camera well. He does do some great things with Instagram though. I thought that I would take one of my photos from Opening Day of Alexander Field and apply the Instagram flare to it. I like the look of this, and I may try and keep the fun going. I don’t think that I will post pictures of my meals, but I will have to start using this service. I will try and post a few pictures a week to the service. If you want to follow me I can be found by searching pinolaphoto on Instagram. You can also click here to go right to my page. My body of work is small right now, but it will grow. I like the idea of having an outlet for my iPhone pictures. With nearly every day in April having something going on I will have many opportunities to use it. I think that by the end of the next month I will have a lot of experience using the program.

Technical Data

The beauty of Instagram is that it does not require expensive software. It is a free app that allows you to take a picture, apply a filter, and then apply a border to it. I really have not felt my way around the app yet, but it is a quick and easy way to share photos. The first step in the process is to either take or chose a photo to share. From there you are asked to crop the photo. The next step is to pick a filter for the picture. The one above is called X-Pro II. That particular filter comes with a border as well. You can change borders in the last step as well. I liked this flat black border. I also applied a blur to everything in the picture but the banner. I thought that it would help draw the attention in.


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