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Photo of the Day

Today was a day spent clearing some space on my computer. When I first bought this computer I was in the middle of a photo 365 project with a full time job, and many other things keeping me busy. I would take my pictures, pick the best one for my post, edit the photo, and then post it. The rest of the pictures have just sat on my hard drive until I ran out of room. Today I cleared over 40GB of space off of my computer very easily. Of course in making the photo above I added some back to that.

This picture was taken as Purdue was playing Penn State this past November. I wanted to show the view from my seat as the sun was going down. It was too overcast to get too much color in the sky, but it was still a very cool sight. Purdue was pinned back near it’s own end zone, and I thought the pano would also show just how far that they had to go. After a few months of waiting I have finally gotten this pano made.

Technical Data

This was a panoramic made from 12 pictures. I had my 18-135mm lens on the camera, and I turned it to landscape mode to make the images for this. I started from my left where Purdue was in there own end zone, and worked my way to the right. I have always used Microsoft Photo Suite to make my panos. The program is from 2006 so I thought that I have to find a better solution that was a little more current. It turns out that when I bought Photoshop Elements 11 when it was on sale that I bought my solution. They have a process called Photomerge that did a great job with this pano. I stitched them together without to my eyes any ghosting. It was a longer process than I am used to, but the end result was fantastic. The photo still needed a little punch after being merged so I ran the photo through Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4. This was a new product that I just bought last night when I saw that it was part of a formerly high priced suite that was now just $149. That does not sound too cheap, but for what you get it is an absolute steal. I used the detail extractor preset in the program. It seemed to just add that punch that I wanted to achieve. From there I took the file back into Lightroom to perform my crop. I am used to cropping in Lightroom so it made sense to do it there. I love how this photo turned out, and I may have to attempt a few more panos now that I know that I have a great program to make them.

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