An Infrared Windmill

georgetown windmill

Photo of the Day

Last spring I had the opportunity to drive through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains one morning. I stumbled across the small town of Georgetown. I really liked how the town looked. It had some nice older cars as well as farm implements. I always liked the idea of this picture, but never really liked the plain blue sky in the background. In the past I would have thought that this was a beautiful day. Now though I like a few clouds in the sky to give the sky some character. I think I found the answer for those  shots.

Technical Data

On the trip I took three images in order to make an HDR picture of this scene. When I got back I did run the photo through Photomatix Pro to make my HDR image. I liked the result, but I did have some halos around it. This shot was one that I had ran back through Photomatix. This is the 32 bit file saved just after the photo was fused. It was a bit flat for me. I was thinking of some ways to make this photo a little better when I worked on another photo. I used this infrared filter on the shot. I adjusted the exposure a bit, and I was very impressed. I love the way that this gives the look of a moonlit scene. That is all that was needed for this shot.

SmugMug Site

Here is a link to this picture on my SmugMug site. These trips do not pay for themselves. If you like this picture it is available to own!


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