Big Game Feeling

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Sports Photo of the Day

With Purdue having a big game at Michigan tonight I went back through the pictures that I took in 2008 when we saw the Boilers play there. It was a very young Boiler squad, but we knew early on how special they would be. Before the game we stopped to get a bite to eat and saw Kiki Freeman nail the game winning shot to give the Boilers the Big Ten Tournament championship. You could kind of feel the special day in the air then. Being new to the area I think we parked in East Lansing and walked to the arena. That was one of the early times where I knew that the trip was planned too quick as I had no idea where to park and such. When we got into Crisler Arena it was a good time though. Michigan has historically been a good team even though they were having a down year at the time. In the end Purdue got the W, and we went home happy. Maybe the Boiler faithful can do the same tonight as they leave the Crisler Center.

Technical Data

Since this was a jpeg I once again had to be careful there. I did up the highlights and contrast here. I also brought back some of the shadow detail so that the banners and the American flag is a bit more visible. One thing about sitting on the side of an arena like this is the fact that the lines don’t all match up. I performed a small crop and tilt using the banners and the scoreboard as my guide.

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