Reflecting on the Good Things

Photo of the Day

Since it was Thanksgiving I thought that I would try and find a shot somewhere in my collection that had something to do with Thanksgiving. I saw this shot from the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon that was held earlier in the year, and knew that it would be the picture of the day. I liked that it came from the feast, and the subject was one that I always found interesting as well. He was a performer that was getting ready to go on, but he had such a stoic look about him that I had to get the shot.

I have had a great year with many things to be thankful for. Things have been going great everywhere, but I thought that I would take the time to thank all of the loyal readers of this little blog. Some of you have been with me from the beginning or very near it. Some of you have just found me. I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of the feedback, and I hope that I can give you some interesting pictures over the next year.

Technical Data

I wanted a different look here so I opened the photo up in On One Software’s Perfect B&W 1 to see what I could get. I found an effect in their Hollywood Portrait section called Ambrose that I really liked. I was going to create an image similar to the Lincoln shot, but felt that I wanted a bit more clarity. Other than that the shot was saved back to Lightroom, and exported to be placed here. It was a very easy process that On One made even easier. I may just have to pony up the cash when my 30 day trial is up.

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