Day 281: Just Hanging Around

Photo of the Day

Today was another long day at work. When I got home I had to install a garage door opener so my time to shoot was very short. Luckily in the front yard we have an interesting tree. We noticed the sap coming out of it, and then noticed the exoskeleton of a cicada on it. Upon further inspection a few more were found all over the tree. I knew that I had my picture of the day, but getting it could be an issue. The light was fading so this would not be the optimal conditions that I would ask for. I grabbed my 18-135mm lens, and went outside. I had to get decently far away from my subject because of the lens. For this shot a macro lens would come in handy, but how often would I use it? For now I will just keep shooting this way and cropping.

Technical Data

Speaking of cropping that was the first thing that I did to this image. I probably took about a third of this image off to get what I think I would have shot if I would have had my choice. This process was once again performed in Lightroom. I have really come to enjoy this program. I have yet to realize all that it can do, but I like what I have learned. I messed around with a few of the basic settings here, but nothing too drastic. Overall I like this picture.

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