Day 204: The Old Ballpark

Today I got off of work and went to the Purdue Baseball game against Michigan State. This is a huge series for a team that is on the verge of their first Big Ten Title since 1909. I was excited to capture some of the game action, but I also saw the way that the clouds were forming and decided to get this shot as well. This is a six shot HDR that looks pretty good considering most of the crowd didn’t move. I don’t think I could have gotten them to stay that still if I had told them too. I used the wide angle for this shot which I think adds to the look. I really need to get a ballpark shot at night with this lens, and convert it to HDR. I won’t have to be wide open with the lens if I can get further back, and maybe I can get rid of some of the blurring on the edges. The Boilers won the game 6-2, and I got my shot of the day. All in all I would say it was a good day.

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