Using the Fuji X100s

Last fall I was able to spend a few hours using the Fuji X100s around my house. I was excited to use this very highly rated camera. I knew that I may never buy this camera due to its large price tag (around $1,300). The camera was coming to my house, and I waited all day for it to arrive. Imagine my disappointment when it did arrive, and the photos that I made with it were horrible. This was not the fault of the camera, but rather my fault. I was using the optical viewfinder, and it is not of the through the lens variety. My shots were not well framed, and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I am used to looking through the viewfinder and seeing exactly what my camera is seeing. The slight distance that my glasses make between my eye and the viewfinder really makes a huge difference. At the time I wrote the camera off because of this feature. It could not be my fault, it had to be something wrong with the camera.

Pros and Cons


  • 16.3 mp sensor
  • Full HD movie capability
  • X-Trans CMOS sensor
  • Ease of use
  • Retro style cable release
  • Makes RAW images
  • jpeg quality makes shooting RAW about white balance
  • Film simulation modes
  • Built in ND filter


  • Optical viewfinder is not through the lens
  • High cost
  • Fixed 23mm f/2 lens
  • Fixed LCD screen
  • No GPS
  • No CF card
  • Highest ISO only available in jpeg mode

Final Verdict

This is not a camera that I would buy at this stage of my life. This is a great camera for shooting one focal length very well. That is the equivalent of 35mm. I could get over that easily as well, but the price is very high for what I would use this camera for. I bought the Canon G16 for less than half the price of this camera. That being said if cost was not an issue I would love to have this camera to take on photo walks. It would be a great camera if you do not need to zoom. This is probably the best compact camera that I will get to use. If you have the money to spare this might just be for you. The cons that I have listed are very superficial.

Bonus Photos

Here are a couple of other photos that I made during the short time that I had the camera.


Photo of the Day

A little while back I was able to shoot with a Fuji X100S for a few hours. I took it around the house trying it out. For some reason I was having some trouble with matching what was taken with the camera to what I saw in the viewfinder. After a little compensation I was able to correct it though. I took this photo of our train set in the front room. I was having some fun with the shallow depth of field that the camera offers.

Technical Data

This was an easy photo to edit. I just made a minor adjustment to the highlights and shadows in Lightroom.

Photo of the Day

Today I had the pleasure of trying out the Fujifilm X100s camera. I really don’t know what to call this camera. It is classified as a point and shoot, but it seems like so much more. For such a small camera it really packs a punch. It has many ways that you can have full control of the photo, but I just used the auto mode during my short time with the camera. It really did a great job of capturing a few tough scenes without me telling it what to do. I had a few issues with the electronic viewfinder, but any issues that I had were user errors. Without a lot of time to try it out I had to just grab it and go. I made a few pictures with it during the hour or so I played with it. Some of them will find their way to this blog in the future I am sure.

Technical Data

For this picture I wanted something quick to bring out the data of the RAW file. I used Matt Kloskowski’s HDR in Lightroom preset to get this close to where I wanted it. A couple of subtle tweaks later, and it was ready to publish.