Going Above and Beyond the Snowplow

Just before Christmas I had a few days with the DJI Phantom 3 Pro. I somehow managed not to destroy the drone even after giving it one very good try. If you see me in person ask about the crash video. The drone was a present for my brother, and I think he liked it. He was flying it all around at my parents house, and I saw this scene unfolding and asked if I could make the photo. I love how the drone takes the ordinary and makes it a little more interesting. I would never make a photo of a snowplow unless it was in amazing conditions. From the air though it makes it a little cooler. That is our job as photographers after all. We are here to show people what they cannot see. Find the angles that make things interesting.

The Phantom 4 Pro Is On Its Way

On Thanksgiving as I watched someone at our party flying a drone I knew that I would have one soon. I really thought that I would last much longer than I did, but I really had fun flying the drone. It is the kind of toy that I always wanted as a kid. Of course by the time that I got around to ordering the thing it was on backorder so I have been patiently waiting for it to appear on my doorstep. I have a couple of projects at Indiana State that I would like to use it on this weekend, but it had better hurry if that is going to happen. I am sure that I will go crazy with it when it does come though. I will make a separate folder on my SmugMug site for the photos that come from it. I have a feeling it will be like the early days of HDR for me. A lot of photos that I regret sharing, but seemed cool at the time. It is a big toy, but it does have a practical use. At least that is what I told myself when I ordered it.


Flying High With the DJI Phantom 3 Pro

A couple of weeks ago I saw that one of my photographer friends was selling his drone through Twitter. The price was right, and I knew that I would have a great Christmas present for my brother. I also knew that we were not having our family Christmas until the 17th so I would be able to test it out (play with it) for a few days. At first I was very content to just fly it around the neighborhood. I did not want to get out too far away because technically the drone was not mine. I wanted to be able to put it in a box for my brother. The photo above was one where I got a little adventurous, and flew a decent distance away to capture the sun setting over a fairly busy road in West Lafayette. I knew that the FedEx truck had just left the neighborhood so I wanted to try and catch it as it drove away. It was a silly idea, but during the holidays we see them drive all over so I thought I would capture that. I liked the long shadows as the sun was setting for the day. It really is a new way to look at things with a drone.

Do I Need a Drone?

This question came up on Thanksgiving as we watched a guest at our party flying a drone. I knew the answer for my brother was yes as he watched the drone capture some cool moments over his house. The footage was great, but everyone wants to put their own spin on things. We each have our own ideas that we want to express. If you have not seen his Christmas Lights display then you need to. You can find his page for the show here. On Thanksgiving day I am sure that my brother’s wife knew he was getting a drone, and my wife knew that I would get one as well. I really thought that by using one for three or four days I would get that out of my system. That did not work. All it did was make me want a drone even more. For my current business model it really doesn’t make too much sense. Next year though I need to get out of the gyms and make more landscape photos. Right now I shoot a lot for pay, but I also go to events because I want to even when I am not getting paid. Next year I plan to cut back on that so that I can get out and shoot some things outside as well.¬†With a new way to look at some old subjects the drone may just get me out there.

Heading Back Home For Christmas

Last weekend after my basketball game we made the drive up to northwest Indiana to spend some time with my family. My family has been in that house for over thirty years now so that is where I associate with Christmas. The famous Christmas song says that there is no place like home for the holidays. I think that that is true. Because of schedules we celebrated a week early, but we were treated to a fresh blanket of snow anyway. No matter what I do it is always good to be home. The only problem is that the trips are always so short.

The Week In Photos

This past week I only shot one sporting event. With the holidays coming up my schedule is pulled back just a little to spend some more time at home. I have two games this week, but they are both on the same day. Last week was the week that I first flew a drone so the week was filled with a lot of mundane drone flying photos. You can view my favorite photos of the week by clicking here.

More Photos From Home

Here are a few extra photos from my trip home that I thought that I would share. Most of them only mean something to me, but that is the fun of going home. You get to be a little selfish and shoot things for yourself.

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Getting High Using the DJI Phantom 3 Pro

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post on Twitter with a drone for sale. After having some fun with one on Thanksgiving I knew that my brother wanted one so I snatched it up very quickly. As any good brother would I had to take the drone up a few times to make sure that it worked properly. Thankfully during the short time that I had it we received some fresh snow giving me a good look at the neighborhood with a blanket of snow on it. I like the idea of a drone to get a new view on some familiar subjects. I am sure that I will have one of my own sooner rather than later. I have resisted for a while, but now that I have flown one I don’t think hat I will be able to for much longer.