Shooting with the Converted Canon 6D at the Big Ten/ACC Challenge

Last night I went to the game on campus with one goal in mind. I wanted to use the infrared camera to capture some of the action. I took some extra gear in case I decided to shoot the game normally, but I did not. There were enough cameras on the players that mine would not have made a difference. I stayed for the first half, and I made all of my images with the converted Canon 6D. I shot very conservatively. I did not motor drive, but I waited for the peak action to press the shutter. I probably missed a few shots this way, but I had much fewer to edit this way. This is kind of a gimmick when used for sports so I did not want 500 images on my hard drive. It is a very interesting look, and sometime down the road I may try it again. Tonight I will be shooting for Florida State so I will not have the option to play like I did last night. It was fun to change things up a bit though.

I saw something like this when Bruce Bennett the great hockey photographer tried it earlier in the year. It was very cool to see most of the color stripped away from the teams making them fairly equal. I thought that it might be interesting as well with the t-shirt patterns in the stands, but for some reason only the two lower student sections seemed to get it right. In the photos you can see some of the patterns though although not their intended color.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few more photos from the game that had something of interest in them.

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Living In An Infrared World

Last Saturday I received the Canon 6D with the Infrared modification from I was supposed to get it Monday, but I think with the holiday that they shipped it early. If you are not renting from LensRentals then you should be. They are speedy, and they have great customer service. I made some photos with it at the first football game that day, but I put it down when I was shooting the teams that I was assigned to cover. The little that I used it Saturday gave me a good feel for what I needed to think about when shooting with it. To get an image that really pops you have to shoot a little different. The results can be quite nice though. I went down the road to a familiar barn to try it out a bit today. I really liked how it made the photos look a little old school. Not everything that I thought would work did, but enough that I have a few posts down the road that I can make.

Using the Infrared for Basketball

I am toying with the idea of shooting the Purdue game tonight with nothing but the infrared camera. I think that it could be interesting, and a little something different. It also kind of equalizes both teams color wise. I am sure that you will see a post tomorrow showing an infrared basketball scene.