Nashville Shines Under the Lights

My trip to Nashville in 2016 was a special one. I shot a great baseball tournament that weekend, but it was the relationships that were made at the time that really made it a great weekend. I had already shot for Washington in the Women’s Final Four a few months before this trip. I was able to shoot for them again that weekend. I also shot for Xavier for the first time. Since that time I have had some really cool experiences with Xavier that would be hard to fill if I had not met them. It is that relationship with Xavier that will get me back to Nashville this weekend as they start their March Madness run there.

An Awesome Night

The night that I made this picture should have been a bad night in many ways. The tournament that I was photographing was cancelled due to bad weather. Instead of moping about it and heading back to the hotel I went downtown to make some pictures. The fast, low clouds were perfect that night to showcase this awesome town. I think that when you travel you have to make the most out of what you are given. Every night will not always be a perfect night. Sometimes the worst weather of the trip makes for the best photos.


Hanging Out Late At Night On Broadway In Nashville

A couple of years ago while shooting at the NCAA Baseball Championships in Nashville I had one night with a rain out. Instead of being smart and heading to the hotel I went down to Broadway to see what that was all about. I didn’t go into any of the places, but I did walk around and get the feel of it. The rain would subside for a while allowing me to get some nice reflections shots with all of the neon on Broadway. It was a short night, but a fun one for me.

Some Photos From a Great Week

This trip was done fairly early on in my Week In Photos time. I was really working hard on the posts at the time trying to mix up the photos as much as I could. That really can make the process longer though so now I just through them all together as they are made. I really had fun going back and reliving that last week of May and beginning of June in 2016. If you want to as well click here to go to my Exposure page.

Hanging Out At The Hall of Presidents at Disney World

If you know me personally then you know that I have always enjoyed looking at how our Presidents became what they are today. It is really cool to sit in the Hall of Presidents and listen to some of them talk about our country. They do a great job of making these Presidents look real enough from where you are sitting. It will be interesting to see what happens to this exhibit over the course of the next few years.

A Presidential Pano

One thing about the Hall of Presidents at Disney is just how wide that it is. It is impossible to get it all in one picture without including too much of the nonsense around the stage. One way to get rid of that problem is by making a panoramic image. I stitched together five shots of the Presidents to make this one image. I think that I did a quick job of it in the moment and some of the Presidents are a little fuzzy, but some of them are a little fuzzy in real life so maybe that is not so bad.

Back In The Hulman Center For Indiana State Women’s Basketball

Last night I was back in Terre Haute to see the Indiana State women’s team take on Northern Iowa. Since the start of the season the ISU squad has been playing very well. This looks like a different team. Last night was part of three games in three days at the Hulman Center. Both teams have been out of town lately so it is great to see them start to play at home again. After this game the women have three home games left this year. Come on out and support them as they close out their season.

Come Out And Support Your Sycamores!

Last night Indiana State was down down nineteen and made a furious comeback to get within a basket. The crowd at the Hulman Center was loving every minute of it. This team is playing good basketball and they need your support. Come on out to their game tomorrow at two. In fact if you read this early enough today come on out to the men’s game at two. These teams are playing hard right now, and they need your support. I am sure that it would mean a lot to them.

Light On Their Feet

Last night at halftime the Sycamore Football team joined the Sparkettes for a show. They were there to have some fun, and they did just that. These are the little moments that make college sports so much fun. If you missed the show and you want to see it again the team will be doing it again at halftime of the men’s game today.

Trying Something New

Last night I hung a remote on the post. I have done this before with a wide angle on it, but last night I decided to try something new. With the stands empty when I was setting it up I decided to go in a little tighter. I put my 50mm on it, and went gambling. I knew I would not get a lot out of the remote, but one shot would have been worth it. I did get one shot, and that made it worthwhile. With the catwalk over the basket needing repairs I have to really try and find new places to hang a remote. For now the basket will have to do.

Having Fun In China at Epcot

While walking around Epcot you run into random shows that are pretty great. Here is one example of that. While walking through China we stumbled across this great show where two dancer act as one dragon. It was great to watch, and really was impressive. Both dancers were very good at what they did, and they showed great athleticism as well. These are the little things that Disney does that makes the trips there so special.

Finding Hidden Gems

This was a photo that I passed over for some reason during the initial edit. It did have some distracting elements on either side of it, and I used to be married to the 4×6 ratio. Maybe that was the problem. Two years later it is hard to remember why you passed over an initial photo. With sports photos I am very harsh on what I keep and store for years and years. My vacation photos for some reason don’t face that kind of scrutiny. Maybe that is because it is much easier to find the good sports photos. You look for the peak moment or a moment of some kind. The rest are gone. On vacation it seems like you are always choosing from very similar moments. Luckily I don’t always trash everything that I don’t initially find so something like this can live to see another day.

Photographing The Purdue Women’s Basketball Team Again

It has been nearly four years since the last time that I photographed a game for the Purdue women’s basketball team. The first and last time that I photographed for the team was in the 2014 NCAA Tournament. It was my first paying gig, and I was so excited to do it. After a while you start to question how well you photographed when you don’t get the chance to do it again. In that time a lot has changed in the Purdue athletic department. You really would not believe how much has changed for the better in that time. Everything has gotten amazingly better making it very cool that I was shooting for them.

Purdue Off To A Good Start In The BTI Invitational

This is the start of three games in four days for the Boilers. They play again tonight against UT Martin. The on Wednesday night they play St. Mary’s with thoughts of an early season tournament trophy in mind. It will be a good test for the team over the course of the next couple of days. It is one thing to play at a high level for one night. Three games in four days is a great early season test for Purdue.

A Little Luck

A while back I was watching a Peter Read Miller video where he explained that this great cover to his book was purely an accident. He was shooting the halftime show and had a slow shutter speed still set on his camera when the action started again. At the time I could not believe a pro would make such a mistake. Of course thinking that doomed me. That would eventually happen to me. I was shooting the pre game with my shorter lens yesterday at about 1/1000th of a second slower than I would the game action. I ran to my chair after it was over to shoot the start of the game with my long lens. When I pulled the short lens up to cover a play in front of me it was still set at 1/200th of a second. Luckily for me I was panning well with the action and my athlete is sharp. This is another reason why you should shoot in RAW. Instead of losing the photo I had something a little different for the photo gallery.

A Great Game With a  Cameo By Bill Murray

Late in the game a block was followed by a fast break layup for Purdue. When the layup was being made the new screens were still showing the block graphic of Bill Murray from Scrooged. I love how Bill Murray just shows up everywhere now, and apparently he does in my pictures as well. Just looking in the rafters of this photo you can see everything that has changed lately for Purdue. From the new screens, to the new banners, to the projection of Purdue on the ceiling. All of that gives me a lot more to make an interesting background.

The Week In Photos

This week was a slower week for me as far as things that I can post in my photos of the week. You can see my weekly post with my favorite photos of the past week here. This week promises to be fairly busy so It should be much more jam packed.

Indiana State’s Second Half Rally Not Enough Against the Chippewas

Yesterday I shot a men’s and women’s doubleheader at Indiana State. The first game of the day saw the women take on Central Michigan. When I was editing my photos during the halftime break I was not sure what to expect in the second half. The Sycamores were down 18 after a quarter of play that was not so great. What I didn’t expect was the fourth quarter surge that saw the lead cut to six. That rally and great second half was where I made many of my favorite pictures on the day. It was fun to see this team excited, and the bench jumping out of their seats. Without arguably their best player they put on a great show yesterday.

Going Wide…

I normally do not make many wide photos at the Hulman Center. The stands in the background are a big reason why. My main camera for the second half of the game though was my Canon 1DX with my 24-70mm lens on it. I liked having that ability to zoom out quickly to get a shot like this. The Hulman Center will be changing soon, and may not look like this anymore. When it does I can go back to some of these photos to see what it used to look like.

…And Going Tight

In the first half I had my 300mm lens on my Canon 5D Mark IV. At Illinois I tried the 7D Mark II on the 300mm and found it to be a little tight. Here I could still capture the action down the court while still getting some ball handling to near mid court. I don’t think that I made any portfolio pieces this way, but in both games I made photos of players that were only in the game for a short time that I would not have had photos of this way. It is a good way to give your final gallery a change of pace.

Sycamore Sam and Patience

During a timeout yesterday Sycamore Sam was dancing to the Wabash Cannonball. I saw the band as a good background and waiting nearly the entire song for Sam and the band to line up. Here right as the song ended I got what I wanted. Before that I made a couple of so-so pictures, but this was the one I was really waiting for. Sometimes a little patience pays off.

Visiting Japan Without A Passport

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly two years since our last trip to Disney. Disney is a great place for the kids, but I love it too. Places like Epcot give me endless photo opportunities. Granted you don’t have all day to make photos. I am usually holding a place in line for a Princess while the kids are doing something else. During that time though you are stuck in one place for a long time, and you can find things to photograph.

Discovering Views While You Walk

Sometimes you have a long time to set up a shot at Disney, and other times you do not. Here we were walking after dinner one night when I came upon this scene. I saw it while in the group, and quickly broke off to make this photo. I saw this composition while walking by, and it was the best one. You have some ugly elements in the foreground that you would not want in your photo so you are pretty much locked into what I have here. It is an interesting look though. Most of my Disney photos are made this way. The progress of the family is stopped while I make a photo. Another great time to make a photo is during one of the many bathrooms breaks you find yourself in the middle of with kids. My wife would take them to the bathroom while I made a few photos. If you look at my Disney photos and a map of the bathrooms you would be surprised at the correlation.

Slowing Things Down At Buckingham Fountain

A couple of years ago I had a great time on a photowalk through Chicago with Trey Ratcliff and a few hundred of his closest friends. One highlight of that walk for me was the visit to Buckingham Fountain. I have always wanted to photograph the fountain, but I always seemed to end up there in horrible light. Here we showed up just after the sun set with a beautiful blue sky to photograph the city against. The low light allowed me to really slow the shutter down to make the whole scene very smooth.

Taking Things Slow

This image was made at f/9 for 15 seconds. Part of why I love this photo so much is how smooth everything is. At a fountain with moving water that is usually not the case. The was can get pretty choppy if you are shooting with sports settings. By slowing things down to a 15 second exposure everything smooths out, and gives you a very cool look.