Nobow Is Back In Our Home

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving our elf on the shelf Nobow comes back to us for about a month. Each morning we wake up and find him somewhere new. Sometimes he brings gifts and sometimes he leaves us notes. We leave him notes as well to give to Santa. He leaves us each night to report how we are behaving to the big man at the North Pole. I am sure that you will see more of Nobow as we approach Christmas. He is fun to photograph, and it is an easy subject.

Trying Out A New Toy

With a lot of lights around the Christmas holiday I bought a star filter for my 77mm lenses. It is kind of a gimmicky thing, but I thought that it would be fun. Each year when the leaves are finally gone I fall into a bit of a funk. The outside just does not look right, and my photography takes a hit for a short time. The Christmas season is a great way to get out and make some photos. I thought the star filter could jazz up some of those shots. Now that I have it and have used it a little I think I can open a Olen Mills studio in my house.


Purdue Battles to a Hard Fought Win In Mackey Arena

Last night I was back in Mackey for really the first time this year for the men. The first time didn’t count because I was focused on the other team. I picked a good one to attend. As you can see in the photo above it was a slugfest. Louisville struck first and took a fairly large lead to start the game. Purdue stormed back, and it was a toe to toe battle from there. In the end Purdue pulled out the victory.

When Mackey Is Rockin’

Last night Mackey was really rocking. Over the years it has become a harder and harder place to play in. One thing that I really noticed was how well the songs were placed with the media timeouts. They really kept the crowd rocking throughout the night. This place is always fun to photograph in, but when it is a big game the place is even more fun to shoot in.

In Haarms Way

Last night I found out what many have known for a while now. Matt Haarms is fun to photograph. He plays with an enthusiasm that is a photographers dream. I think I will just bring long glass from now on and just focus on Haarms. A player like him would be a blast to cover for a few seasons. He would be even more fun to cover if my computer did not always try and correct his name.

Emotion Runs The Day

In the second half the emotion really was cranked up a notch. Hard play on both sides really helped crank that up. Here was one of my favorite emotion shots from the night. Vince Edwards was the attention of some of the hard play by Louisville. He nailed a big three to give Purdue the lead for good, and as Louisville called timeout I made this photo. Of course Matt Haarms is in the background showing some emotion too.

It’s a Dogs World

The halftime show was a good one. I did not even leave my spot because I was having fun watching it. At some point I decided to photograph it instead of just watching it. I need to train my dog a little after seeing what these dogs can do.

More Photos From the Game

You can click here to see my gallery from the game. I really did not shoot much during the first half as I was on the Louisville side. I really was not going to stay the entire game. I was just going to get a few stadium shots, and then some shots of Purdue in the black uniforms. The last time that I saw Purdue in the black uniforms was in Louisville in 2015. The game was so good though that I just kept saying that I will stay until the next media timeout. Of course I ended up staying for the entire game. This team will do that to you.