Hugh Jackman At Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

Hugh Jackman Brings His ‘The Man, They Music, The Tour’ Show To Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

Saturday was a long day before I hopped in the car with my family to head to Indy. I had spent hours up on campus photographing the events around the Purdue homecoming football game. This was a show that the family had been looking forward to for a while though. Everyone loves the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ so it was a big yes when I asked them if they wanted to see Hugh live. Of course the show started off with music from that movie, but then it went so much further. There are only a few dates left on this show, but if he comes near you then you have to give it a look. It is well worth the time.

Ryan Reynolds Makes An Appearance

The show was on Hugh’s 51st birthday. Nobody made a big deal about it until Ryan Reynolds suddenly appeared on the screen. He made a few joke’s at Hugh’s expense and then moved out of frame. He then came in and started singing Happy Birthday to Hugh. The crew brought out snacks for him wearing party hats. In true Hugh fashion he ended up turning this moment into one where he made sure to acknowledge the hard work that the crew puts into each show.

The Week In Photos

With the astronauts for homecoming and this show it was a couple of different opportunities to make photos for me this week. Here are a few of my favorite photos from last week.

The  Sony RX100 VI

I have said it before, but this little point and shoot is the reason that I switched over to Sony. This is such a great little camera that I knew the big ones had to be great too. With no rate button though and the fast shutter speeds I end up with so many photos to look through after a concert. I am used to a very streamlined workflow, and this takes me back to how it used to be. Maybe I can customize a button that will let me rate on the fly. That would at least help me take some of the work out of this workflow.

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