Photographing Roller Derby

Back For Another Season With Lafayette Roller Derby

This year Lafayette Roller Derby has really changed. The name Brawlin’ Dolls has been long gone, and they are now the Lafayette Roller Derby Supernovas. This is still roller derby though which is an amazing sport to photograph it. This will be my seventh year shooting for the team, and eighth overall. This team was the first one that let me do my thing, and much of what I learned translated into paying jobs. Lately it seems like I am always booked on game days making me late. That was the case Saturday. My games went late meaning that I missed the start of the game. Pregame has always been fun for me, and I hate missing it. I have to pay the bills though so it happens. I was still able to photograph much of the game, but just without the normal feature stuff before the game.

Getting In Tight

During the last game I tried using my 400mm lens to get some tight shots. It worked, but it was maybe a little too much. Since that time I have picked up a 300mm lens which works just fine for derby. I used it for about 1/4 of the game just to get some close ups of the players. They spend so much time working on their appearance that it makes sense to document it.

A New Background

For years I have spent part of the game/bout putting the old Brawl House sign in the background. It was huge, and made for a nice clean look. With the name change of course came the need to retire that old banner. I like the new one though as a background although it is not quite as big so I have to find a different way to get it in my photos.

The Week In Photos

This game was part of a busy week of shooting sports for me. In all I shot six events which is a great week for me. Some week I will talk about how boring my week in photos post is, but not this week. It is another one that I am very happy with. Take a look for yourself here. A bonus tip is to look for the egg standing on end photo that I made on the equinox.

More Photos From The Game

You can find more photos from the game here. I don’t do this for the money for sure. It is for pure fun. The gallery is unlocked for any of the skaters to use for personal use.

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