Winter At The Michigan City Lighthouse

A Winter Day At The Michigan City Lighthouse

A while back I posted a few images from a fun day at the Michigan City Lighthouse. This was the first photo that I made on that day. I was walking up to the lighthouse, and I saw the way that the lines led you right to the lighthouse. This was a great spot to make this photo as it fulfills a big checkmark for a successful photo. You want to create a way for the eye to just flow around the photo. Here you have the catwalk leading you to the lighthouse, and the way the lighthouse is framed it leads you back to the catwalk. It is a simple concept, but I think that it works here.

Making the Cliche Photo

Sometimes when you are at a spot you make a photo that you know has to have been made before. This shot was made from the pedestrian sidewalk before walking out to the lighthouse. I made this photo as my first of the day. I knew that I liked the lines, but I felt that I had seen it before. Checking Google when I got home I saw that indeed this photo had been done before. Even with that said it is still good to make a photo when you see it. I didn’t release this photo right away for the cliche reason. Looking at the photo though I still like it so why not show it?

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