Blue Hour in Germany

The Last Light of the Day at Epcot

The sun set as we were waiting to eat on our first full day at Epcot this past year. I saw this cool tower with an amber light, and I pulled out my phone to make an Instagram of it. I realized how much I liked the way the colors were playing together here so I made another photo with my dSLR as well. I don’t know if this is the best travel picture in the world, but it is one that I really liked when I saw it in person. One thing that I liked about Epcot was that with the right angles you could make a lot of photos that looked like they were made in different parts of the world. With two young kids world travel is not really an option right now. Through the magic of Epcot I can pretend for a few hours. By the way if you are wondering where we ate that night it was the Biergarten restaurant in Germany. It was a great meal, and a great time for everyone involved at our table. I would highly recommend it.

My Favorite Camera and Lens Combo on Vacation

When I am just walking around on vacation I d0n’t think that you can beat the Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 24-105mm lens. They really are what is on my camera most of the time when I am on vacation. The 24-105mm lens on the full frame body really gives me a lot to work with. I can get wide if I need to, or zoom in for those moments where I want to be closer. The photo above was made at about 80mm. At a place like Epcot you want some wide sweeping shots, but you also want to get in tight to capture the details as well. With two kids I can’t really carry what they need and a camera bag so I just need one combo to have on my shoulder all day. This is that combo.

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