Basketball in Rural Indiana

Finding Backyard Basketball in Indiana

One of my personal projects is finding the backyard hoops of Indiana. One day something might come of it, but for right now I am just collecting photos of some of the more interesting basketball hoops that I see. This hoop in Farmland, Indiana was very old school looking to me, and it made me wonder who has played here. What kind of history does this old hoop have? I tried to find a good angle on the barn, and I liked the water tower for the city in the background. It kind of gives this hoop a little place. As we get closer to March Madness the entire state of Indiana will be abuzz. It all starts in the small towns like this one.

Having Personal Projects

I like to have small ongoing projects going that keep me going during the slow times. The bird photography is one of those. It really has nothing to do with the photography that I normally do, but it is something different that keeps me going. It has had the bonus side effect that it has helped me sharpen my skills. Projects like this backyard hoop one is a great one that one day could amount to something. This state has such a rich basketball history, and I want to show a little bit of it.

Capturing the Moments With the Canon G16

This is another photo made with my Canon G16. I was on my way to cover the Winchester 400 at Winchester Speedway so I had all of my gear packed up behind me in my car. The Canon G16 allows me to have a very good camera right next to me in my car to capture the moments like this one. It allows me to shoot in RAW which is a big bonus, and the 12.1 megapixels is plenty for a project like this one.

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