The Horses of Assateague Island

Photo of the Day

Last week I had a great time in Maryland. One day after making some sunrise pictures at the pier of Ocean City I made my way over to Assateague Island to see if I could spot any of the feral horses there. I have heard that they are hard to spot, but since it was the first light of the day I hoped that I would catch some of them out and about. I was excited to see that a few where indeed out when I came upon one of the beaches. The horses were eating near the access roads so it was hard to get a shot that didn’t look like it was taken on the road. I made a couple of loops around the parking lot before decided to leave with a couple of decent shots in my camera. Then for some reason one of the horses decided to saunter in front of my rental car. The horse moved to the passenger side and started eating after taking forever to get out from in front of my car. When I looked out the passenger window I knew that I had a shot as the horse started eating. I love the layering here, and after making this shot I knew that I had one for the blog. These horses are beautiful, and I would love to see them again. They will go down to the beach to cool off, and a shot of them running through the surf would be amazing. For now though I was just happy to see these wild horses in person.

Technical Data

This shot was pretty much where I wanted it when I took it. That being said you always have to tweak a RAW file. I used a Matt Kloskowski preset that seems to be my go to called light sports gameday to get me close to where I wanted to be. I lessoned the vignette, and after a couple more minor tweaks this photo was ready to go. Once again I love the shots that don’t take long to process.

This was also shot with my 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. This really was my go to lens on the trip. A couple of times I used something else, but for the most part this was the lens of choice for me. I usually use the new lens way too much on a trip after I bought it, but this is the third trip now since I bought the lens, and it is still the lens I pull out when I need a shot. I would bet that 90% of the pictures on the trip were taken with this lens. I think that in the near future it will be hard to knock this one of the top of my list.

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