Day 330: Good Morning Lafayette!

Photo of the Day

I did my best to channel my inner Robin Williams there. Was I too loud? This morning was a day when I usually go into work early, but as you can see I did not. With my new hours I will be missing a lot of sunrises. I figured that I had better get all the shots that I can while I can still get to them. Today I saw that there really weren’t any clouds that would make it an epic sunrise. With that in mind I wanted something that the sun could backlight for me. What better backdrop than the city of Lafayette? As I was walking away I came up with another idea that I could possibly use so stay tuned. I think that it could make for a much better shot. It was also nice having my picture in the can early in the day after yet another rushed shot yesterday. Of course when that happens I always end up seeing something cool at night as well.

Technical Data

This is another three shot HDR image that was processed in Photomatix. Before clicking on the tone mapping button that I always used to hit I now save the 32 bit image. This is a huge file full of a lot of data. Inside of Lightroom I can use the powerful sliders to really bring that detail out. I had fun tweaking the sliders here to get an image very close to the one that I saw. The RAW file never looks as good as the real thing. You have to bring that out. Here I thought that I did that fairly well. I also cropped the shot a bit to give it a more cinematic feel. I thought that there were things at the top and bottom of the image that would distract so I got rid of them. I like how this shot turned out overall.

Save the Date!

On October 13th I will be hosting another photowalk on the campus of Purdue. It is a football gameday so I think I may try and have it cover a portion of the festivities surrounding the game. I will have more details in the near future.


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